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October 13, 2013
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Huntress Test 1 by babaugaliano Huntress Test 1 by babaugaliano
Ideas for The Huntress Character
Love this woman. "Huntress?" One does assume she'll not be stalking our blonde protagonist in a long dress. She will certainly eschew firearms. What use a prey either killed or scarred by projectile weapons? Huntress' sexual impact is the result of an intoxicating mix of arrogant beauty and strength. I can see her employing a whip, I can see her employing a net, perhaps a drugged net to subdue our platinum-tressed heroine. But I also see her employing her beauty to distract and weaken Tigress' resolve. Surely Huntress will script every aspect of her first encounter to compound her impact on the Tigress. She will be as naked as her prey. Herself aroused, the musk of her sex will be mingled with the most skillfully concocted and expensive of the world's perfumes, "Scent of Surrender". Will her bikini be the red of her desire for the Tigress'body or black, for the lesbian dominance of her she means to swiftly achieve?

Jungle Queen's first encounter with her will be like none before. Her reaction will be not one of anger at a challenge and trespass in her own realm, but rather shocked arousal. Rather than striking from ambush or charging into combat, Huntress,  in her carefully chosen upwind position, simply poses, forcing Tigess to drink in her beauty, recognize her great strength, and inhale the elixer of her melded musk and perfume.

Tigress fairly reels. She conciously glories in the clear fact that this superb animal has stalked her. Her own secret lesbian narcissistic streak of exhibitionism manifests itself, and the woman pheremones invade her involuntarily flaring nostrils.

Confused by her instant desire her usual combat instincts fail to kick in. Instead she involuntarily poses, flaunting her own beauty against that of the wild beauty of the woman who stands before her.

Confident, in a few long pantherish strides the Huntress is on her, embracing her with a power greater than any opponent the Tigess has never known and raping her of a deep open- mouthed kiss that Tigress helplessly returns.

Can she achieve any resistance at all? Does she even want to? Certainly her assailant does not challenger her jungle royalty. What can she want besides the Jungle Queen's body? Tigress has neverknown such a struggle. She senses that here too, she may yet prevail, but Huntress' strong, hands tear away her halterand bear her down onto the mossy jungle floor.Hands as knowing as they are strong rove the superb nakedness of our platinum haired Jungle Queen her mouth feasts on the  rigid nipples and wet sex of her prey.

Tigress has almost completely lost control of her body and her emotions. Twisting, moaning, and posing in the grip of the Huntress, is it too late to gain a victory in this new and thrilling mode of "combat?"

I'm glad you like her. It'll be definitely be an exciting match (regardless whether it will go as you described or not).

Definitely she'll not hunt the Jungle Queen in this long dress. She'll wear a more appropriate attire.


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